our magic rule  

Our work must strengthen and nurture connections to the natural world. Period. That's the rule we placed on ourselves when we started our business. It requires trusting an idea rather than reacting out of fear. It keeps us focused on work we are passionate about, rather than seeking easy, wildly profitable work. Because of it, we are emotionally and creatively wealthy humans who happen to be pretty damn good at negotiating the economics of creativity. Some might call it a constraint. We just call it magic. 

We collaborate with brands and not-for-profits that believe we will all be better off when more people explore the outdoors and develop a personal connection to wild places.


360 virtual reality interactive film

Duct Tape Then Beer has been telling stories using emerging media for the last ten years. Our strategy has always been to ask What is the best way to tell a story? Virtual reality won't always be the answer to this question, but it is a powerful tool to immerse people in a landscape, create empathy and spur action. 

With VR, our audience is an active participant in story, directing their experience. Climb a desert splitter — even if you aren't a climber, you can feel the power of the exposure and take in the view. Descend into an ancient, almost unreachable canyon with the most knowledgeable of desert guides. In DTTB VR films, time is fluid and place is immersive. Story can be savored by the viewer, deepening experience and sparking imagination.



Meaningful stories can be told when you have a clear North Star. We collaboratively help you distill and sharpen your group thinking into something poignant that resonates internally and externally. When the North Star for your brand is clear, content strategy naturally stems from that strategic foundation.


We plug into your internal marketing team to imagine compelling campaigns that touch multiple channels, always expressed in a genuine way. We can create the video center piece and provide supporting written and visual content for all channels. Our combined efforts result in mobilizing your community with a distinct, creative call to action. 

See our Featured Projects for more information on our recent work with Patagonia.

Community gifts: Unique brand expressions

We are story seeking missiles who find and sculpt emotional pieces appropriate for your audience and brand. These pieces express brand personality within the context of current, real stories being lived in the outdoor community. We also specialize in crafted concepts that spark joy, motivation, and passion. Have you done something inspiring for your community lately?


Our workshops help internal teams get out of their everyday headspace. Off-site or in your offices, we help you sort out complicated brand problems in a visual and engaging way. Our aim: creative clarity and actionable next steps. We can address anything from your brand's essence to the nuts and bolts of outdoor storytelling to help your teams better integrate and better create. 

outdoor film camp

Does your internal creative team need a boost? We have been running, skiing, biking, and climbing around outside with cameras strapped to ourselves for a long time. We can take your creatives outside and show them the nuanced ins and outs of filming adventure.



p.s. we have won some awards.

  • The Mighty Finn / REI Co-Op
    Best Documentary Short
    Port Townsend Film Festival 2019
    3rd Place Jury Prize
    Audience Awards 2019

  • Big World / Eddie Bauer
    Youth Voice Award
    Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival 2019
    Best Documentary Short
    Paddling Film Festival 2018

  • Follow Through / REI Co-Op
    Grand Jury Prize, Bronze
    Best Adventure Short,
    Irish Adventure Mountain Film Festival 2018

  • Paul's Boots / REI Co-Op
    Best In Show,
    Boone Adventure Film Festival 2017
    Feature Film Award,
    Wasatch Mountain Film Festival 2017
    Shortlist Winner, Film and Branded Content, 2017 Clio Sports Advertising Awards

  • 35 / Arc'teryx
    Best Short Film, Flix Mountain & Adventure Film Festival 2015
    Best Short, New Zealand Mountain Film Festival (2014)
    Best Short Mountain Film, Banff Mountain Film Festival 2013

  • The Road From Karakol / Outdoor Research
    Jury's Award, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2014
    Best of Festival, 5Point Film Festival 2013
    Best Adventure Film, Port Townsend Film Festival 2013

  • Joy of Air / Arc'teryx
    Best Sport Film, Flix Mountain & Adventure Film Festival 2015

  • Frank and the Tower / REI
    Pure Joy Award, 5Point Film Festival 2015

  • Dorais / Outdoor Research
    Best Documentary Narrative Film, Leavenworth Film Festival 2015