Three Types of Fun

In the outdoor community, it’s said that there are three types of fun. Type 1 is fun to plan, fun in the moment and relatively fun to talk about afterward. It is a day of perfect powder skiing or the Flatirons on a crisp September day. Type 2 is fun to plan, a bit of suffering in the process, but worthy of barstool conversation. Type 3 gets a little darker. It doesn't sound like good idea during the planning process; the process is committing, potentially deadly, but the rewards course through the rest of your life.

We are producing nine short films that touch on these themes in our Three Types of Fun project. These short films will feature cinematic eye-candy as well as the deeper storytelling roots that we are known for.

The first two installments include Gimp Monkeys, Strong, The Equation, The Joy of Air, 35, Move and Silence.

The next installment will launch December 2013.