In partnership with Patagonia and powered by Google, Duct Tape Then Beer created this 360° virtual reality exploration of your newest National Monument. Bears Ears’ protected status is tenuous given the new administration. We can't control everything — but we can use our smarts, our passion and our talent to tell meaningful stories that spur action. With virtual reality, you are an active participant in story, directing your experience. Climb a desert splitter with Patagonia ambassador Kitty Calhoun — even if you aren't a climber, you can feel the power of the exposure and take in the view. Descend into an ancient, almost unreachable canyon with the most knowledgeable of native desert guides. In these DTTB interactive films, time is fluid and place is immersive. Please, click on the image below to explore Bears Ears’ unique landscape, feel empathy for those who love it fiercely and help us defend Bears Ears as a National Monument.

(to)day dream / REI CO-OP

In partnership with Brendan Leonard (Semi-Rad), we created this short piece for REI Co-op to spur personal outdoor awesomeness — today! Find an empty spot on your calendar and schedule some time to find an empty spot on the map. Doesn’t matter if you block out a half-day or a month — if you go far enough into the future, you’ll find a place on your calendar that's open. Go ahead — let the waters of busy flow right around you.

paul's boots / REI co-op

Last year, Paul Evans passed away before he could make his dream hike a reality. But that’s not the end of this story – it’s the beginning. He left behind three pairs of polished hiking boots and a backpack packed for his dream hike: the 2,189-mile Appalachian Trail. Paul’s wife, M’Lynn, had an idea for a final gift for her husband. “How good would it be,” she asked, “for his boots to make the journey even if Paul could not?” M’Lynn’s simple plea launched an incredible journey. The hiking community responded and carried the boots the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. Paul’s Boots follows the boots and tells the stories of the people who carried them. This is the story of how we all help each other achieve dreams. 

how do you want to spend your time? / outdoor research

We believe time outside is best spent with friends, laughing hard, with grit under our fingernails, creating the stories we’ll tell again and again. The thing about creating unforgettable memories is that we need to let go of distractions, and dig into the moment. In Fall 2016, we concepted and created three video spots for Outdoor Research that address the notion of putting down our phones, simplifying our stuff and focusing on what is right in front of us.

Frank and the tower / rei co-op

"From the moment I started looking through the footage, Frank gave me joy, and I wanted other people to feel how I did," said Fitz. "It didn't matter that there was no money, or that it was one o'clock in the morning. This piece just needed to happen." Frank and the Tower is the brainchild of writer Brendan Leonard (Semi-Rad), who we collaborated with on the film. REI joined to sponsor the film as part of their efforts to reestablish the heart of their brand. With 63 years of living and more than 2,000 ascents of Devils Tower to his credit, Frank Sanders can teach us all a thing or two about going up and not growing old.  


Defined by the Line / Patagonia

One of three key content pieces in Patagonia's New Localism campaign (Spring 2015), this well-crafted story inspired 10K people to take action to protect 1.9 million acres in Utah. Josh Ewing began visiting the Bears Ears region of southeastern Utah to climb at Indian Creek and explore the local archaeology. But when he moved to the town of Bluff, he saw degradation from oil drilling, looting, and careless visitors. Josh knew simply loving a place was no longer enough, and that he could help protect the area. Take notice Obama.


Every fall since 2009, we have helped National Geographic identify the 10 most important adventures of that year. The deeper goal of this ongoing project: strategically position National Geographic at adventure’s forefront. Generating written content, videos and spots for advertisers, we have helped National Geographic develop their digital voice in adventure, inspiration, and stewardship.


Don’t let anyone fool you. Character, tension and heart make a great story, not helicopters and fancy cameras. Founded in a closet. Born from years of chasing sun-soaked granite and stormy powder days. Inspired by This American Life and the developing technology of podcasting, The Dirtbag Diaries are discovered stories from dirtbag sports communities. In 2015, The Diaries was ranked 22nd on iTunes podcasts, and will exceed 1.7 million downloads for the year. 

force / patagonia

For the launch of the revolutionary Nano Air insulation piece, Patagonia wanted to galvanize the alpine climbing community and reaffirm that climbing is at Patagonia's core. As a key component of the Nano Air / #LeaveItOn campaign, we collaborated with Mikey Schaefer to create the film Force and designed a supporting storytelling series that Mikey presented at select Patagonia retail locations, both domestic and international. We crowd-sourced footage from the climbing community and combined it with ten years of footage from Mikey's summits and misadventures in Patagonia to weave together a story of success, fear, joy and growth. 

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