Fitz Cahall


The world is filled with stories. They come from friends during big wall belays, around campfires and on long drives across empty deserts. After years of seeing my favorite stories being passed over by traditional print media, I turned to the Internet, and created The Dirtbag Diaries. Amidst the tangled cords on the office floor and learning new software, I tapped into the passionate community of online storytellers. As The Diaries grew, so did my vision for the possibilities of new media. I realized that as creatives and companies we had the chance to rethink the kind of content we brought to our customers and fans. It's a rare opportunity to help define an emerging media format.

I create broad concepts, and then use a collection of stories to develop the project. I enjoy working on models to maximize distribution reach. We began Duct Tape Then Beer as the umbrella company for the growing creative ventures, which include video series, marketing projects, product videos, expedition coverage, social media support, and blogging. I serve as the creative director. It's my job to make sure we always maintain the spirit of ingenuity and curiosity that brought us here.

I look forward to telling as many stories as I can.