YEP, WE HAVE A seriously / hilariously GOOD TIME.

Fitz cahall

Co-founder and Creative Director at Duct Tape Then Beer, Fitz started his career as a true dirtbag writer / naked subsistence hunter. He has an appreciation for fine (not-that-fine) beers, behavioral economics, his rad wife and two sons, and helping others realize their creativity. 

Overly serious photo credit: Darren Aronofsky

Becca Cahall

Co-founder and CEO of Duct Tape Then Beer, Becca is queen of clarity, master of management, and champion of story. She is an amazing systems thinker and will lay the hurt down on a skin track, the single track or simply planning a project track. A crusher in every sense of the word. 


anya miller

Long-time bud of Becca and Fitz, Anya is our Director of Brand and Creative Strategy. She likes all things 80's, tacky granite, hippy pow, hand-drawn diagrams and baby goat videos.

Jen Altschul

PNW born and bred, Jen is our resident expert on black and gray clothing, the dark art of coffee and shredding snow and granite. A ski patroller for 10 years, she is definitely harder than most, but is definitely more humble than all. Jen is our Senior Producer for and often the voice of The Dirtbag Diaries.

isaiah branch-boyle

Born to be wild, Isaiah hails from Durango, CO. He is a centaur who can hoof it around any mountains while filming his little heart out. He is the Director / Editor and chief Hair Grower for Duct Tape Then Beer. Yes, he is as bad-ass as he looks in this image.

Mario Quintana

With a name like that, he has to be good. And he is! Mario is a total editing and motion graphics wizard. He eats hard projects (like heavy 360 VR edits) for breakfast, and does it with a chill smile. A true storytelling editor, we love that he makes everything he touches RAD. (RAD is also his favorite movie. Fact.)

Leici Hendrix

Leici (lee-see) makes her home in the land of red rock and sin, Las Vegas. During her seven years as Development Director for the Access Fund, she honed her skills growing symbiotic relationships. Always on the sharp end, Leici is a total rock crusher and works with us to pinpoint needs of clients so DTTB can make great creative to solve those needs.

walker cahall

We 100% believe in nepotism here. But besides the fact that Walker is Fitz's little bro, our boy Walks has mad skills in illustration and print making. For the last 9+ years, Walker has created almost all of the artwork for The Dirtbag Diaries. He is a mover, a shaker, a pure delight maker.

amy stolzenbach

Musical genius. I mean, she has BACH in her name! C'mon people! Amy can wield instruments and sound like a total wizard and has been musically behind almost all of our film projects, in one way or another. A true force, she can drink tequila with the best of them and surfs in colder water than you can imagine.

Mikey schaefer

He doesn't always work for us, but when he does ... we call him Uncle Mikey. Full-time rock crusher, very-part-time Ductling, Mikey films things that mere mortals can't. We feel lucky to have worked and climbed with this bud for the last nine years.

Thanks a ton Mikey for the use of these rad images on this website.

austin siadak

This monkey. As Duct Tape Then Beer's first employee, Austin worked out of Becca and Fitz's house, edited with their kiddo Tep in his lap (literally), and is a true Duct Tape Then Beer alum / family member. Austin is a freelance photographer and filmer, routinely getting into shenanigans all over the world.

Mega thanks to Austin for the use of these rad images on this website.

matt van biene

Flutes, feathers, finger cracks ... Matt is a creature of the forest. A close bud and one of our go-to crusher filmers for rock and anything with temps below 30 degrees, Matt lives in his van and brings fun and positivity wherever he goes.

High fives to Matt for the use of these rad images on this website.

jacob bain

The man is an island. Wait, the man lives on an island. A Vashon Island dweller, Jacob makes musical magic there and all around the world. He has usually just returned from recording with some exotic country's king's son. Or from a harrowing yak trip to capture the true indigenous sounds of ... somewhere. Jacob created our theme music for The Dirtbag Diaries and is an Editor for the podcast and for select DTTB film projects.

brendan leonard

Brendan is an author of belly laughs, good vibes, and beautiful stories. His blog Semi-Rad is, in fact all rad, just like himself. Originally from Iowa, he migrated west in 2004 and now spends much of his time being annoyingly good at doing various difficult outdoor activities 'off the couch' so that he can 'eat more deep dish pizza'. Brendan is a frequent contributor to The Dirtbag Diaries and a partner for film creation.

garrett grove

Garrett takes photographs that only a true mountain insider can. We met him while he was based out of the lederhosen-loving, faux-bavarian, mountain sports community of Leavenworth, Washington. Now based in California, He spends his life outside with good people — and, while out there, takes outrageously good images that immediately tell a story.

Thank you Garrett for the use of these rad images on this website.

Rob Zwiebel

Rob is a master shredder of life: waves, snow, bowls, design, family and friends. After years of high-end music poster design, large brand identity design for the likes of Alaska Airlines, and packaging design for Starbucks, his career truly peaked in 2015 when he crafted the new brand identity for Duct Tape Then Beer. It's all downhill from here, Rob. Which is good for you, because as we said, you shred. Grip it and rip it, bud.

Alex Park

With an affinity for pre-1900's Meiji Period Asian food, Mezcal, obscure cinema and all types of climbing, Alex is and enigma wrapped in an enigma, all tied up in an enviable silken man bun. A natural creative collaborator and an always-stoked-and-uncomplaining filmer, we only ask Alex to film in the most uncomfortable conditions. Alex, maybe you should complain more often.