the politics of bears ears is complicated. this is simple.

Please join Duct Tape Then Beer and your community in building something real: 
The Bears Ears Education Center


places get loved to death. Educating visitors is the best way to protect the cultural and ecological resources. 

We know you care about Bears Ears. It is a big, wild place, but its land and treasures are delicate. In order to protect the cultural and ecological resources, Bears Ears needs a gathering point for visitor education. Please join us in building the Bears Ears Education Center in Bluff, Utah.

Please click below to donate or reach out to Leici Hendrix with questions (


what are we doing?

We're running a grassroots Kickstarter campaign to raise $100K to contribute to building a Bears Ears Education Center in Bluff, Utah. Duct Tape Then Beer is contributing $5000. 


what are we asking of you?

We are asking you to join your outdoor community and donate some amount of money. If you give money, please share the campaign. 


why are we doing this?

Because we have a chance to defend our public lands by doing something real and concrete. Together. 

who is involved?


when will this happen?

Our Kickstarter campaign will run from Thanksgiving through Christmas 2017.


Thank you.

Donors of $50 or greater will have their name at some size honored on a wall within the new Bears Ears Education Center. Donors of $500 or greater will received a professional photo of Bears Ears by a DTTB friend photographer. Donors of $1000 or greater will. Your donation is tax-deductible and will qualify as a 1% For The Planet contribution.


beautiful AND unique.

Below, see the Bears Ears through the eyes of Duct Tape Then Beer's friend photographers.


austin siadak
(Header image credit, this page)


Please help us build the Bears Ears Visitor Center. Click below to email us ( Thank you.